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Slope initially began as a blog, so this is where most of the website’s content resides. Here we have tens of thousands of posts dating back over a decade. These are listed in reverse chronological order. Click on any category icon below to see posts tagged with that particular subject, or click on a word in the category cloud on the right side of the screen for more specific choices.

Crude Strategy

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Photo of oil derricks eclipsing the sun via the Wall Street Journal.

Hey Fellow Slopers: In my last post (“Too Late To Hedge“), I wrote that it was too late to hedge market risk, but it wasn’t too late to go on offense:

Go on offense. If you have cash to put to work, you can buy and hedge Portfolio Armor‘s top names, or open one of the hedged portfolios constructed of them. Portfolio Armor is selecting securities with the aim of generating positive returns, not just losing less than the market, as you can see below.


A Short History Of Superflu Pandemics

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My last few posts have been a coronavirus COVID-19 series, so I’m putting in the links here so as to refer back to them easily for now. These are the six posts so far.

18th February – Peering Through The Fog Around Coronavirus COVID-19

24th February – Some Genuine Coronavirus Numbers Coming Through

28th February – Falling Down The Steps

9th March – A Tale Of Two Cities

12th March – Sudden Death

16th March – Pinball Markets


More Crazy. Less Rich.

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I’ve always regarded the movie Crazy Rich Asians with a mild nausea. I wrote about it here in December 2018 and here in October 2018. To my way of thinking, the worldwide success of this movie, a grotesque celebration of excess wealth, was a sure sign of a major top. I was reminded of this by this rather comic experience only minutes ago, when I was on ZeroHedge. Another great moment in context-sensitive advertising.

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