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A Short History Of Market Crashes

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My last few posts have been a coronavirus COVID-19 series, so I’m putting in the links here so as to refer back to them easily for now. These are the seven posts so far.

18th February – Peering Through The Fog Around Coronavirus COVID-19

24th February – Some Genuine Coronavirus Numbers Coming Through

28th February – Falling Down The Steps

9th March – A Tale Of Two Cities

12th March – Sudden Death

16th March – Pinball Markets

20th March – A Short History of Superflu Pandemics


Are You NUTS? Part Two

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He’s at it again. I want to thank my new friend TXTine for pinging me, which inspired me to DUMP all my longs at great profits and become pure, unadulterated Tim-bear once more, just the way you like me. Incidentally, some of these positions are smaller than Powell’s genitalia. I just like the charts. So my entire portfolio is only 28% committed. It’s not like I’ve lost my mind or anything.


SPX Targets: Rally to 2750 or Catastrophic Selloff?

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Should the SPX rally on Tuesday and beyond, the potential Fibonacci retracement targets taken from February’s high to Monday’s low are shown on the following monthly chart.

A drop and hold below the low could spark a catastrophic selloff to longer-term Fib retracement levels at 2030, or even 1700.

Note that there is a convergence zone of Fib levels and a trendline apex from 2650 to 2790, say 2750ish, making it an attractive eventual target for buyers in this extremely large 1200-point trading range.

A Base At Last

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It’s nice to wake up to something resembling what I saw when I fell asleep. This sounds like the declaration of sordid frat boy, but I’m referring to the ES and NQ. It looked like we were finally ready to rally last night, and this morning we indeed are.

I have merely two bullish holdings, EFA (discussed in depth with premium members yesterday) and USO. I have my Bull Pen watch list waiting with other opportunities. I’m pleased to see my big EFA position have a good start pre-market:

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