Are You NUTS? Part Two

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He’s at it again. I want to thank my new friend TXTine for pinging me, which inspired me to DUMP all my longs at great profits and become pure, unadulterated Tim-bear once more, just the way you like me. Incidentally, some of these positions are smaller than Powell’s genitalia. I just like the charts. So my entire portfolio is only 28% committed. It’s not like I’ve lost my mind or anything.

slopechart AMD
slopechart AN
slopechart ANET
slopechart BDC
slopechart CBRL
slopechart CHGG
slopechart HNI
slopechart IFF
slopechart IPGP
slopechart LULU
slopechart OLLI
slopechart PCH
slopechart POL
slopechart PZZA
slopechart TSCO
slopechart URI