Beyond the Pale

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If there’s one place you would think the coolest, hippest, newest “thing” would get swarms of attention, it’s the Palo Alto Whole Foods. I visit there two or three times a week, and it occurred to me I never saw the darling of the stock market (for a while, at least) Beyond Meat. I finally found it hiding in the same obscure section as Miso and Kimchi. Here’s my photo:


There was literally the entire inventory. Three lonely, squished packages tucked away in a forgotten corner of the refrigerated section. I suspect a month ago these three fellas were still in there.

In any case, BYND seems to be sputtering. Based on little more than my three-second glance at my local Whole Foods, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion the $8.4 billion valuation of this company is a bit rich.

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