Jack WHO?

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Feel like getting your heart broken? It’s easy. Go to Slope’s Woulda Shoulda Coulda page. Punch in the ticker JKHY with a purchase date of 1/1/1990 (thirty years ago) and a purchase amount of a very reasonable $10,000. Not a huge amount. Something most of us surely could have scrapped together. And then weep at the results.


Twenty. Five. Million. Dollars. It puts even Amazon to shame. You say you had $100,000 to invest? Cool. That’s a quarter BILLION bucks.

You’re probably saying the same thing I am: Jack WHO? It’s these guys:


Pretty incredible, isn’t it? And their market cap, even now, is just $12 billion, which isn’t much more than the disgraced Nikola Motors.

So anyone still working on that time machine?

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