Sweep Up the Popcorn

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Since you are reading this, I assume you are equipped with a set of working eyeballs. I have them too. And when I use them, all I see are closed businesses, For Lease signs, and – – in spite of the multi-trillion dollar politically-driven prop-up – – apocalypse on the horizon. The moment November 3 is behind us, all this “help” is going to disappear.

Early in September, I did a post about the grim state of movie theatres, in which I stated, “Every time I see a multiplex and its utterly empty parking lot, I marvel at the fact that cinema companies have rebounded so much. Zero revenue, to my mind, isn’t a great business model.“. In the short time since then, the first stock I showed, AMC, has lost more than half its value, and the company is contemplating bankruptcy.

slopechart AMC

Here are some other stocks in this doomed industry.

slopechart CNK
slopechart IMAX
slopechart MCS