What’s New?

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It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that the biggest news in Slope-land has been Slope Mobile, which is getting dynamite reviews (I was actually a little saddened that we’re at 4.9 stars instead of a perfect 5.0, but, hey, not everyone is going to give me a perfect score!) Android and iPhone folks, get your free app!


There’s other stuff going on, however. Most of it is behind-the-scenes, since building out the infrastructure for virtual trading is a beast of a project. But here are a few things we’ve added recently (some of which you can use, some of which will be released with Virtual):

Strategy Page

This is very spiffy; we’ve brought together all the strategies and neatly grouped them, and when you click on one, it’ll auto-populate the trade ticket. There is a “?” icon next to each strategy which brings up a page of information about that specific strategy. As with all trading, this is on both the web pages as well as integrated within SlopeCharts.


Trade Bubbles with P&L

We show both past and present trades right on the charting product, and when you point at one of the trade rectangles, it will show you details about that trade (even multi-leg strategies). The other cool thing we just added is that it will show the Profit or Loss for that specific trade.


Virtual On the Way

Virtual trading is the most complex and expensive project we’ve ever undertaken. I want everyone to know that it will be available relatively soon, specifically for all paying members. I’m very excited about this, since it will be the first chapter in what I hope it a very important new book in Slope’s encyclopedia of history.