The Last Bastion

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I am surprised at myself, at how long it took for me to get really interested in the crypto scene. Bruno (BDI) and I were actually in the throes of starting a gold crypto company called Luster, and had he lived, it probably would have been a fairly cool enterprise.

The principle reason I find crypto so fascinating is that it seems to be the last honest market on the planet. Supply. Demand. That’s it. Just like the old days for stocks. A true organic market which can be studied earnestly by way of charts and classic technical analysis.

I have taken the time and trouble to pluck out fifteen crypto charts I thought you would find of interest, and which I believe are representative of the kind of clean charting to which I am referring. These were all created, naturally, with my beloved SlopeCharts. You’re going to think I’ve lost my marbles, but I think every single one of them is long-term bullilsh.

slopechart ADA
slopechart ADX
slopechart ARDR
slopechart BCH
slopechart BNB
slopechart BTCD
slopechart FAIR
slopechart LTC
slopechart NEO
slopechart POWR
slopechart PURA
slopechart XEM
slopechart XLM
slopechart ZEN
slopechart ZRX