Everything Must Go!

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Well, folks, I hate to go all Crazy Eddie on you, but I’ve got a neurotic fixation on selling the remaining few pieces from ticker.art. We’ve sold 90% of our creations but as of this writing there are seven items left in our First Edition, and I wanted to make you a special offer to goose you into getting one of these NFTs.

The offer is simple: buy one of these, and send me your receipt, and I’ll immediately send you back:

  1. Whatever gas fees you paid (up to $100), and
  2. 0.02 ETH

In other words, assuming you don’t pay more than $100 in gas, you’ll pay 0.05 flat for any of these items. I’ll honor this bargain until the end of Sunday, and I’d be delighted to be totally sold out. If not, no big deal; they’ll remain available at their normal price, and I’m sure every single one will eventually be added to someone’s collection.