Juicy Energy Shorts

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When the market is falling, it’s easy (and a kick!) to go on and on about how shorting stocks is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. When the market is vomiting higher (as it is at this very moment), it’s very, very tough to mention anything bearish. But here I am. I’m no foul weather friend.

As I’ve mentioned ceaselessly, there’s no sector I am more enthusiastically bearish about than energy, with XLE being my guiding light:

slopechart XLE

Of course, I’m the only person on this great big planet who isn’t bullish on oil. After all, oil has done nothing but go up, ceaselessly, without taking a breath, for as long as any of us can remember. And one of the most powerful, best-informed men on the planet had this to say just hours ago:


Oh, cool! The ability to make a statement in one’s own best self-interest! Here, let me try:

ticker.art will be the single most successful NFT in the history of the universe.

That was easy! Sweet!

Anyway, I’ve lovingly plucked out eight specific energy-related stocks which I believe are poised for weakness in the months to come. These charts all span years, but I have in some cases zoomed in to what I consider the most germane portions.

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