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I’m going to get a reputation for being a slob if I keep up this habit of waking up late (6 a.m. this time) and not getting rolling promptly. Sorry about that! Let me try to catch up with one simple suggestion: LRCX, which has completed a lovely right triangle top below. I bought puts on it late last week.

slopechart LRCX

What’s especially interesting is not just how stratospherically high this thing is above main support, but also its history of being able to fall hard after tops. This is in the semiconductor sector, which in itself is very richly-valued (but what isn’t these days?)

slopechart LRCX

As a side note, the ol’ project is still cruising, and I woke up (late) this morning to see that I had my first resale: in other words, someone out there actually made a profit by re-selling one of my pieces! Pretty sweet!