Deadbeats Win Once More

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Piss. Me. Off.

I saw this last night:


Struggling homeowners, my ass.

So this is yet another billion dollars being pissed away on deadbeats. The press release stated, in part, “”No one should have to live in fear of losing the roof over their head


I think I’ll go down to Whole Foods and load up on everything I want and then leave the store. Want to arrest me? Why? No one should have to live in fear of going hungry.

In fact, almost every day, I pass a McLaren dealership with absolutely gorgeous cars that cost about $350,000. I think I deserve one! Give me the keys, and I’m outta there! VROOOOOOOOOOM. Oh, you want me to pay for it? No one should have to live in fear of losing the wheels under their feet.

Seriously, this kind of thing really pisses me off. My mortgage payment actually represents almost the smallest monthly expense I have, because we owe so little, but the fact is we have never missed a payment, or been late, even one time, and our reward for it is to get to feel like utter assholes. Those who throw their bills into the shredder get bailed out, time and again, because the mollycoddling state doesn’t want the deadbeats’ itty bitty hearts to be sad.

Jesus Fucking Christ on a Pita Biscuit. Oh, and here’s a reply to my tweet bitching about this program:


And that made me even MORE upset. So the woman above is clearly doing the best she can, doing the right thing, and this kind of announcement pisses right into her face. What fools we are to be decent and honorable with our obligations. The way to thrive in this environment is to raid retail stores for everything you can carry (since you won’t be pursued or prosecuted), get free money from the state (ideally by lying about it) and not paying your bills.

I’ll give this to California, though. The one thing that did NOT surprise me is the photo they used to announce the program. The only thing missing is a wheelchair.