The Changing World Order

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Before the plane ride home on Sunday, I needed something good to do, so I (paid full retail) bought a new book from Ray Dalio called Principles for Dealing with The Changing World Order. It’s over 500 pages, but it was just the right length for the flight from Columbus back to San Francisco.

I think Mr. Dalio has basically amassed a bunch of cool research and charts and is, like a good chef, using the basic ingredients to make a variety of different dishes. I’ve already bought a few recent Dalio books, and they all have the same DNA.

Still, I found this one to be the most accessible and easy-to-read. I think almost any adult could get something good out of it, since it spells out quite plain how basically the United States is utterly hosed and China is going to shove us off the world stage. Dalio isn’t precise (nor could he be) about when this is going to happen, but he makes clear it has the potential to be very, very, VERY ugly and horrific. So, yeah, right up the alley of the kinds of things that interest me. I paid $35 for it (shame on me, but I was desperate) but the link above is for Amazon where it’s like $21 or so. Give it a read!