Jim’s Unlucky Number

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There are very few people on the planet more famous than CNBC’s Jim Cramer when it comes to financial media. He’s been around for decades (and, oddly, still looks exactly like he did thirty years ago), shouting out investment ideas and opinions to anyone who would listen. He is handsomely paid for this shouting, earning a healthy $5 million per year from his friends at CNBC.

I stumbled upon this item from late in 2020, in which he pulled together what he thought were the most powerful, profitable investment ideas for his viewers, and he dubbed them The Magnificent Seven (which, along with “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly”, has got to be the most hackneyed, overused, tired, and lazy title to offer ANY particular subject). Here’s the handsome devil showing off his proud picks. (As an added humorous bonus, read the words at the bottom of the screen shot; I guess “ecosystem” is supposed to make him seem smart).


Now, all seven of those companies are household names. And, perhaps in the back of your mind, you are thinking that they all seem to have something in common. Well, you are absolutely correct!

Because the common element in all these stocks is that – – with the possible except of Tesla – – they have all been absolutely terrible, horrible, and wretched investments, right down to the very last ticker. Observe:

slopechart PYPL
slopechart ZM
slopechart SQ
slopechart TSLA
slopechart ROKU
slopechart PTON
slopechart NFLX

Oh, and as for that last one, lest you think that Jimbo had tempered his zeal for Netflix, I offer you this tweet that he sent his 1.7 million followers just a couple of weeks ago.


Here, by the way, is the original video where he was touting the aforementioned Magnificent pieces of crap.

They say you can’t argue with success, and since the man is paid $5 million every blessed year, I suppose we’re all supposed to shut up and just assume he knows what he’s talking about. But let history be your guide.

Q: How does one make a small fortune with Cramer’s advice?

A: Start with a large fortune.