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I Understand

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Let’s start with an email I received about a week ago from a free Slope of Hope user, whom I shall keep anonymous:

I have attempted to introduce myself to your website and your community, but I am absolutely disgusted by the political content of your site.  Therefore, I have unsubscribed to as much as I possibly can from your site and community and will have nothing further to do with your ilk.

Is it asking too much to find financial discussions that are limited to finance and don't gratuitously throw in political agendas?  Particularly political agendas that are just a hop, skip and a jump from fascism and racism?

I wish I could say good luck to you but I can't.  Instead, I wish you the very worst.

- Cathie Wood

OK, OK, the name wasn’t real. I replaced the real name. But the rest is genuine and that; was the entire message. (All I added was the boldface for emphasis).


Gold: a Stellar Picture

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Gold’s ‘real’ price indicates a fine ‘risk vs. reward’

[edit] Since this article will be distributed to a wider viewership than, where regular readers know I take pains not to hype this most precious ‘value’ asset, take note that a positive risk vs. reward does not mean run out and go whole hog gold stock bull right this minute. Risk vs. reward is a condition, but not a timer. The miners, as of now, are on a seasonal bounce/rally. But with patience, the sector is setting up to distinguish itself as unique and quite bullish in 2022.

As today’s (Thursday’s) market activity shows, the bubble is still in force as US stock markets/sectors generally remain intact (for the most part, with some notable exceptions outside of the headliners, as certain table legs get kicked out). But gold is in a beautiful Cup & Handle structure, as I’ve shown repeatedly (ref. 2022: The Golden Year) since NFTRH began projecting the handle-making in the summer of 2020.

What’s more, gold’s ‘real’, commodity adjusted price has been declining since the overdone 2020 upside as well. Risk is with commodities (and stocks) and reward – with patience – is with gold and when they leverage a future macro, gold stocks.


Three Pearls & Swine

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Over the past forty-eight hours, there were three posts I am especially proud to have penned:

  1. Russell Resistance (a PREMIUM post) which basically nailed the peak in the Russell 2000 futures to the millisecond. Incredible! The funny thing is that one guy did a comment. It just sat there, dead. I really wonder if anyone reads this stuff.
  2. The Dream Academy, which spelled out my ideal for the IWM. I thought it might take weeks to transpire, but it’s already well underway, and precisely as I had hoped.
  3. Now or Never, which was specifically about shorting energy by way of the XLE

Peloton Joke Explodes

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I said it over and over and over again. Americans are too fat, lazy, and undisciplined to persistently:

  1. Pay a huge sum for a bike that goes nowhere;
  2. Steadfastly exercise on it every day, egged on by some somatic narcissist yelling instructions through a screen;
  3. Paying almost $100 a month, month after month, for the privilege

I mean, good God, I practically have to pledge fellatio to get you cheap slobs to sign up for a Bronze account, which costs pennies a day!. Does anyone really expect that Peloton would be a thriving business? Not me! I’ve written about them literally dozens of times, such as this post where I suggested shorting the hell out of the thing when it was $137.

Well, the poo hit the proverbial plexiglass today, because Peloton announced – – – weak earnings? No. Slightly lower sales figures? No. Nope, they said they were HALTING PRODUCTION completely on the one product they sell. I assume this is because they probably have warehouses full of the goddamned thing.