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The Very Best of 2021 (Part 6 of 7)

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Preface to all parts: It’s that time of year again. I have written over 30,000 posts during the long history of Slope, and at the end of each year, I gather up what I consider the best of the prior year’s offerings. At the end of every year, I assume I’m utterly out of material, and yet at the same time, I look back with amazement at all the terrific posts from the year that has just completed. I’m not sure how long I can keep this up, but my concerns of content exhaustion have been proved wrong since March 2005. For your reading pleasure, I offer the following Best of 2021 Posts:

Tim Knight: Optimist
I’m not the Tim you thought I was

Low-Grade Heroes
$76 million dumped on county employees just for existing

Lessons Learned in the Cryptoverse
Looking back on the successful NFT project

Crashed Out
This marked the end of my love affair with crypto, once and for all

A Friend’s Brush with Death
A former work colleague of mine writes at length about what it was like to almost die

Receding Airline
The lack of human workers has real consequences for millions of passengers

Tuba Mirum Spargens Sonum
The ridiculous objects I yearned to have as a child

January Means Jack

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One of the countless canards bandied about by the mass media is how instructive January trading activity is. I disagree. Let’s take a couple of quick, simple examples.

First of all, there’s this notion that there’s all kinds of pent-up energy on the first trading day of the year, particularly since all the tax selling is done and people are going crazy with FOMO. We need look only to this very year to see what nonsense this is. The first first day of trading was on January 4, 2021, and the market got positively slammed. Crazy, huh? Considering how bullish that day was supposed to be, you’d assume it would be a harbinger of a terrible 2021, when in point of fact that day was the LOW FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR.