Virtual Avarice

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Let’s start off with my virtual portfolio equity graph.


Ridiculous, isn’t it? I took a $100,000 options account and built it up to $185 billion in about half a year.

(This is precisely the kind of “performance” upon which options-trading systems are based, by the way; completely impractical).

What has struck me about this is psychological, however. Specifically:

  1. I removed myself from the “Top Ten” virtual traders page long ago;
  2. This is obviously not real money at all; it’s utterly pretend and as spendable as Monopoly money (the latter of which you can at least hold in your hand and, let’s say, help start a campfire);
  3. I honestly have better things to do with my time, but for reasons I cannot fathom, I still put in insane trades – – 10,000,000 contracts at a time, which is the upper limit.

It occurred to me, however, that what I am experiencing psychologically must be related somehow to how ACTUAL billionaires feel, and why they keep investing, trading, and trying to build up more and bigger wealth numbers when, in fact they have absolutely no real use for it at all.

We human beings are a very strange beast.