Sweet Home Palo Alto

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I was going to title this one "What the Puck?", but some people are easily offended. Anyway – I got to experience one last mini-outrage before leaving the sweltering crowds of Southern California. This bold sign was displayed at the airport………


Now I realize Wolfgang Puck whored himself out a long, long time ago, so my expectations aren't that high. But let's face the fact: he has his name, his face, and his signature on a sign that speaks of taking his favorite recipes to new heights because everyone deserves a first class meal. So one might expect something mildly novel – – I mean, not a three-Michelin-stars type experience, but something that's definitely a cut above. It's Wolfgang Puck, after all.

And here we have it:


And thus, I ask: are you f*cking kidding me? Coca Cola Zero? Yogurt Parfaits? Red Bulls? Some decidedly non-extraordinary turkey sandwiches? Is this a joke?

No. It's not a joke. It's further proof that aspirational marketing has no shame, and it has no limits.

Feh. I'm glad to be back in my home. I think I'll stay here a while.