Final D-Day

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My four day splurge into America is nearing an end, so I'll probably be dead quiet today as we wrap up here at Disneyland and travel back home.

I will leave you with one final anecdoate, however. A portion of the park is California Adventure, which is Disney's grand homage to California. They continuously blare over the loudspeakers various California-themed songs. They also have a number of (sponsored) billboards that are supposed to bring to mind the beach scene of the Annette & Frankie days.

It appears that the public of the state was a lot more progressive and open-minded than the rest of the country fifty years ago, if these images are supposed to be believed………..


But, wait – who's that? Why it's our lovely First Lady!


I'm ready to head back to Shallow Alto. I've seen about all I can take. I'll do a post tonight, and we'll do the best we can to wrap up this month.