Bottoms-Up Investing

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I'm going to be fairly quiet during market hours today, since there's really nothing to say. I am loaded to the teeth with short positions, and with the Dow down 177 as I am typing this, I'm sitting pretty.

I will share one thought, however. Yesterday night, I was doing something I don't do very often, which is going through my existing positions (I normally look for new opportunities instead, which I did later). As I went through all my short charts – and there are nearly 100 of them – one simple thought dawned on me: these charts are sensational!

I've been so mired in bear-pity that I lost sight of just how completely amazing these shorts were. That's why I rolled my eyes with apathy at the very brief pop this morning. With so many charts poised to plummet, there's no way Goldman Sachs can prop up this sick pig anymore. Of course, since they are good at just one thing – making money – I'm sure they're ready to make a ton of cash as the market falls.

They're not stupid. Just evil.