Another Reason to Short Apple

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A lot of you have probably heard the folklore about the Stadium-Naming Curse. That is, the phenomenon in which a firm that pays for the rights to name a stadium invariably falls on hard times. The general theory is that once a firm's collective ego and treasury reach a certain level so that they think it's worth a huge fortune to slap their moniker onto a sports arena, the end is soon to follow (the most famous example, of course, being Enron).

I was reminded of this when I saw that Apple wants to make a gargantuan office building to hold 12,000 employees. It has been described as being like a spaceship that has landed. Here's a rendering:



To me, this only amplifies my thought that Apple has reached its peak price (probably for years to come). Yes, it seems quite anecdotal (sort of like the constant harping about AAPL heading to $1,000 per share a few months ago…………gosh, we don't hear much about that anymore, do we now?) Below is a video is Jobs presenting (just yesterday!) to the starstruck bureaucrats of the Cupertino City Council. My God, he does not look good.


sAnyway, food for thought. I'm going to close up shop for the night. See you Thursday morning!