Family Man

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Here I sit, having survived the first weekend of "summer" (not in the calender sense, but the familial sense, as my children are out of school). I managed to survive:

+ a three-hour dance recital 0609-familyman
+ a two-hour piano recital
+ diving lessons
+ fencing lessons
+ a birthday party
+ a gymnastics recital
+ hosting a birthday party
+ a swim party

So, adorned in briefs 'n' t-shirt, I offer this brief post to save you good people from having a post with over 1,000 comments.

I'm none too thrilled with the total goosing asset markets are getting right now, but I remind myself of my general targets, and I take comfort in my cash holdings, which constitute a risk-free 50% of my portfolio. So I'm going to try to get a good night's sleep and prepare for the battle tomorrow.