Don’t Let the Door Hit You in the A$$ on the Way Out Goldilocks

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US Consumer Prices Rise .7% in February


CPI rises, from MarketWatch

From ammo to zuchs… too funny.

Let’s remember that inflation is not this headline about prices. 
This is a result of the inflation that has been systematically
administered by Dear (Monetary) Leader since well, 2009 and most
recently and intensely, since the dawn of 2013 (post-Twist).  Let’s
remember that the current expected economic bump (and this site expected
it dear bull apologists) was not going to come without a cost.  Let’s
remember that Bernanke is the same buffoon he was perceived to be in

Let’s remember that you do not just create vibrant ‘organic’ economies out of thin air even if you create money out of thin air.

So, at the risk of getting too excited about one headline I’ll just
continue to look forward to the end of the Goldilocks fantasy and toward
an investment theme that continues to anticipate a rotation toward
lagging sectors, like commodities and resources for example?  We’ll also
look forward to the deflationary day that this all resolves once again.


Yes, I wrote deflationary.  But that could be out a ways after an inflation cycles whips up.