Autumnal Coupon

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Things have been going so well in the wonderful world of Slope Plus that I wanted to remind those of you who aren’t subscribed about its features and urge you to subscribe here. I haven’t done this since May, but I’ve created a coupon that chops $29.95 off the price (meaning you can just use it for a month for free, or if you like, just enjoy the discount off the already-discounted annual rate). Just type in the coupon code trickortreat on the subscription page.

An example of the kind of idea I offer up on Slope Plus is shown below, which was posted just a couple of days ago. In the old times, I would have just posted this for everyone, but frankly, whenever I have a really good idea, it goes up behind the pay wall. I was illustrating a fascinating analog going on with high-yield ETFs – in particular, HYG.


Well, I’m not claiming that every Slope+ idea is a winner – – – far from it – – but I was delighted to see high-yield credit slump right after I did my post, including in the midst of the insane rally we had yesterday!



I’d really like you to give Slope+ a try. And remember, the coupon code is trickortreat which is like me handing you $29.95, except that it’s Slope money, only usable here. Thanks!

BONUS VIDEO: Here’s some footage capturing me asking you ne’er-do-wells for cash.