Now It All Makes Sense

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I’ve always been fond of my surname, “Knight”. It’s easy-to-remember, easy-to-spell, and it’s got kind of a nice archaic ring to it. It certainly beats Tim Lipschitz or some other alternate. My older brother took the time to do some research of the family tree, and yesterday he sent me a deck of slides outlining the paternal history of the family.

It was an impressive work, since he was able to get it back as far as 1624 England. Evidently my 8th grandfather came to Jamestown early in the days of the colonies. So now I’ve got a chain of Knights going back nearly 400 years.


As I was thumbing through my ancestral pages, I was stopped short by this particular entry:



Ummm…….the East Louisiana Hospital……….for the Insane?

I asked my brother if the handsome chap above was perhaps a staff member. Nope. He was one of their guests.

It turns out that Charles Oscar got wiped out in the cotton commodity markets, and he lost his mind. Something tells me it was this Great Grandfather who whispered to me that it would be a great idea to be an equity bear for the past six years. The man spent his remaining days in the loony bin.

I haven’t gone insane yet, but I’m getting a little closer each day. Thanks, C.O.K.!