Peak Pissed Off (by Bob Kudla)

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I consider myself an observer. I am hyper-ly aware of the world around me, and for the longest time people in general have not had the same alarm I feel for some time about our Country, future, and world. I always tell my family things don’t matter to people until it does. Then things happen fast.

That Nexus has arrived. The trigger, in my opinion was when Trump touched the third rail of politics and took on the immigration lobby and found out the electricity wasn’t on, and then in prime time took down the Doyenne of the Media right, in the most vile way, and people cheered, on both sides.

The reason, in my opinion people are sick and tired of being sick and tired. They are tired of politicians telling them the things they are mandating for them are good for them (the people) when it is a clear as day it is for the benefit of them (the elites).

Pick a topic;

Illegal immigration destroys the black community (yet black politicians are championing it) , keeps the hispanic community impoverished, and keeps wages depressed (unions support it), and creates a Democratic voting bloc (Yet Republicans are silent). This only helps those that hire these people, and vote for the benefits they now require to simply stay alive.

ACA, where to start. It was hailed as a affordable coverage for all, and turned out not to be, and became an inescapable tax on people who least needed the services, with cost increases you can’t opt out of which the middle class can’t afford, at the same time immigration legal (H1-B’s), and illegal prevent them from having any jobs worth the absolutely inflated cost of an education paid for with student loans they now can’t afford, and can’t escape from. Add to the fact that rents are going through the roof because zero interest rates has the effect of raising asset prices to unaffordable levels that require rent increases and levels to support the prices. Many places where people want to live are at 45% of income. People can’t save for a home, nor can they afford one.

California is going to double the cost of energy, so California can save the world from Climate Change. King Canute anyone. Who in their right mind voted for that? No one, it was deceptively passed, and now being handed off to the unelected California Coastal Commission.

How many people were told what Free Trade would do for their and the country’s wealth.  We now know it simply destroyed high paying jobs and allowing the elites to arbitrage  wage rates around the world for their own personal gain.  Do you think people would knowingly vote for this?

The Greeks. Say what you will about how and why they got there, but their people voted to get off the island, and found out that they truly do not live in a Democracy.

I can go on and on. The point is the elites have quietly captured everything, and those not yet affected went on their way. However, at some point this year, a wall was hit, and Trump (in the U.S.) came along with enough force of will, guile, and effectiveness to absorb the blows and gave people a voice. I think the elites are stunned that their normal destruction tactics are bouncing off of him like a fly in a bug zapper. Why? People are pissed off and won’t let them sidetrack their anger. This is not about Trump (he will do well to remember that. The anger is manifesting itself, and will engulf the unsuspecting and the arrogant.

The worm is turning, and it is happening all around the world at the same time. It will be a very interesting year.