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Only the Lord knows where the markets will be once I wake up for the normal trading day, but tonight, it’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world. Kuroda pretty much disappointed everyone, in spite of throwing trillions and trillions more¬†yen at buying ETFs (which, let me tell you, is insane), but as ZH put it:

“So to summarize, Kuroda left rates unchanged, left QE unchanged, implicitly raised doubts about the effectiveness of the world’s monetary policy machinations.. and increased the stock market ETF buying to make sure that the illusion of normality is maintained.”

At first, the ES and NQ fell sharply, and then they went green – – which made me want to throw my laptop through a window – – and then they went red again. I’m just going to let all this wash out at this point and stop watching. I guess I should at least be glad the ES isn’t up thirty points right now. The Stockholm Syndrome has completely taken effect.


Out of Gas

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I’ve mentioned my fondness for the auto sector recently. Oddly for me, this is based more on something I read than something I saw in a chart, because about a month ago I read a very compelling piece about how the auto makers had gone completely over the top “stuffing” sales throughout the world, relying heavily on subprime loans to do so. It made intuitive sense to me that sales would eventually suffer, since they were basically pulling the same thing home builders were in 2004-2007. Anyway, it’s starting to show with General Motors…..