Custom Chart Symbols

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I’ll start off with something for everyone – – an updated chart of the S&P 500. We are getting within spitting distance of the S&P 500 target. Truth to tell, I’m not quite sure where to place the minimum level of the retracement. If I drag it down to the 1980 low, the target is a tiny bit higher – – 2491.88. Whichever it is, we’re awfully close.


Now, at the risk of giving everyone SlopeCharts fatigue, I have the third announcement about the product in a single day…………custom symbols! At least that’s what I’m calling them. I was originally going to call them “ratio charts”, but that’s too narrow.

Suffice it to say that this PLUS-exclusive feature allows you to create any combination of symbols, parentheses, arithmetic operators, and digits to concoct yourself a totally unique chart. Let’s say you wanted to plot what two times the GLD fund divided by GDX (the miners) looked like – – you would just type in ((GLD*2)/GDX), and voila………


Or maybe you wanted to see how Macy’s was doing relative to retail as a whole (answer: not so great):


Or perhaps Apple versus the NASDAQ 100 “cubes”………..


One last example – – Tesla’s stock price versus Ford’s:


I think you get the idea.

To be clear, this works for PLUS subscribers only. As I’ve said, SlopeCharts has become the newfound love of my life, and I’ll be improving the increasingly-cool product for the foreseeable future.