Wee Hours Musings

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Well, it’s the equivalent of 3 in the morning (PST) as I’m typing this, but the “Wake Up Early!” bird is shrieking outside, so I thought I’d put together a post with various thoughts kicking around my head. Here we go……

NASDAQ – In retrospect, I guess we could have guessed what was coming with Amazon, since the entire world was ruining its undergarments with all the excitement about Jeff Bezos being the world’s richest man. I know myself well enough to understand that when I’m feeling really down, that’s the time to take a risk – – and Thursday morning, I was feeling REALLY down – – so I did just the opposite of what my head told me and bought QID (the ultrashort NASDAQ). That’s working out all right so far, and we’ll see just how much of the absolutely idiotic liftoff in the NQ is unwound.


REPEAL AND REPLACE – Give it up. Guys, just give it up. You’re looking more ridiculous each time. D.C. is in a state of utter stalemate, and frankly we’d probably all be a lot better off if magic pixies just made the entire federal government vanish and leave us all alone.

SCARAMUCCI – By comparison, our winning-so-much-we’re-sick-of-winning President seems classy.


MARTIN THE PHARMA BRO – First off, what is in with these courtroom artists? All my life, I’ve wondered why their renderings are so awful. So they stick a crayon between their toes and have a go at it?




Anyway, if there’s any justice, the court will wipe the smirk off this little shit’s face real soon now.


FOXCONN – I was at dinner with my family when the press conference came on the television featuring the POTUS bragging about what an amazing deal he had put together to bring “thousands of jobs” to Wisconsin, since FoxConn was going to build a plant there. The entire conference was all sunshine and flowers about what a great thing this was for America, but it turns out that the tax breaks being showered upon FoxConn are so staggering that they work out to anywhere between $250,000 and $1,000,000 for each job created (which jobs, by the way, pay about $53,000 a year). So, umm, yeah, that’s just swell.

Anyway, it would make for a nice Friday if the selloff sticks. We shall see.