Post-Ides of March OpEx for Three Big Caps (by MoneyMiser21)

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Bears, do you feel like you missed out on February’s fun? Begging for something to sink your short teeth into as we near tax day? Worried that the tech sector may derail yout dream of the next great market plunge?

Well have no fear, seasonality trends may be your ally.

Two tech giants and a big Buffett bet fear the time after March 15th like Caesar.

Here are three to watch as April Options Expiration (OpEx) enters the front month countdown:

1. Bank of America – BAC

Wait, rising interest rates should be good for banks you’re thinking. The charts tell us otherwise.

Bank of America has seen six out of its past ten 2Q RED (April-June). But wait, there’s more!

Drill down to the monthly OpEx candles, the April OpEx (Post 3rd Friday in March to the 3rd Friday in April) has been the worst time to be long in the past decade. Seven out of ten ended in RED, and four of the past five years!

The April to May OpEx (post- 3rd Friday in April to 3rd Friday in May) is only slightly less bearish, with six of the past ten ending RED.

2. Alphabet Inc – GOOGL

Shocking that the lords of web search have any trend poor time periods, but this is it.

The April OpEx period is GOOGL’s worst, with seven out of ten OpEx month’s ending RED. And in the past five years, it’s four out of five RED.

3. Facebook – FB

Not enough data for a decade, but the evil child of Zuckerberg doesn’t like the ides of March.

Facebook’s April OpEx candle during the past five years has been RED four of them. It’s the worst showing of any OpEx month since the stock became publicly traded.