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Rally Ending?

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The hourly buy signals on ES, NQ, SPX and NDX all reached target today and the RSI 5 buy signal on RUT has reached target as well. Only the hourly RSI 14 buy signal on RUT hasn’t yet reached target and that is weakened by fixing at the same time as the RSI 5 buy signal that has reached target. ES and SPX both had pattern targets in the 2725 area that have been reached, NDX/NQ and RUT/TF have reached minimum targets but could go a little higher on their reversal patterns.

We are expecting this to just be a rally before new 2018 lows and the next reversal back down should start soon, though very possibly from higher and not necessarily from a high made today. Intraday Video from – Update on ES, NQ and TF: (more…)