Intraday Charts Now LIVE in SlopeCharts!

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SlopeCharts is my pride and joy, but we are always making improvements and adding new features. I have asked you folks from time to time what you want to see most, and the most common answer was always the same: intraday charts (that is, minute bars).

Well, I am delighted to tell you they are here, they are live, and they are ready to use right now. Now, before I go any farther, I want to say something I’ve been saying a lot lately, which is that as we keep piling on new features, they are either getting thrown to PLUS users or, more commonly, I’m letting everyone use them. This is a temporary circumstance. Later this summer, if all goes as planned, I am going to be introducing multiple levels of service (not just PLUS, which will be renamed) and a whole bunch of features are going to get sequestered to those various levels. So don’t yell at me when they jump behind a paywall. For now, however, it’s free for the taking.

To get an intraday chart, just choose the bar size you want:


You can click the word “Bars” to get an explanation what these all represent:


When you choose any of the intraday charts, it will take a few seconds to download the data, but at that point, you can switch to any of the other intraday charts for that symbol and the data is already there. For instance, if you download hourly bars, you can instantly also change that to 1 minute, 5 minute, or whatever without any more downloading.

In each instance, you will get a full 20 trading days of data, which is nearly a month’s worth. Here, for instance, is Netflix:


There’s not much more to say except give it a try, and if you see anything that needs work, please email me!