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Yesterday, I announced the new SlopeCharts feature called Candle Hunter. I wanted to let you know of a small but important enhancement we’ve made (and, as I suggested yesterday, there are many candle features to come, assuming people like this stuff).

As it is now, you will see all the instances of any given pattern(s) you are “hunting”:

Suppose there is one you want to preserve permanently. After all, these candlestick patterns only display when you have Candle Hunter turned on, and the majority of them aren’t very helpful. So if you want to preserve one of the gems that are displayed, just right-click on it and choose this new menu item;

As the wording suggests, this choice preserves that specific candlestick pattern. What it does on the back end is create a new rectangle drawn object with a text note. Therefore, even after Candle Hunter is turned off, you will see it like so:

This is a handy way for you to retain instances in which candlestick patterns were especially helpful for a given financial instrument.

As an aside, the next big enhancement for Candle Hunter is going to be the ability to adjust the parameters for the searches themselves. This will let you tweak the settings in order to increase or decrease the “hits” a search gets and to tune the parameters more to your individual liking.

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