Gratitude Attitude

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A jump in the pool can be refreshing and thought-provoking. As I’ve mentioned in the past, it’s the closest thing I do to meditation, and aside from my standing all day at a desk, swimming is the best exercise I get.

On Wednesday evening I jumped into the pool for the first time since Thailand, and it occurred to me I’ve got some thanks that are due:

  • First off, I must again thank all the premium members here, from Bronze all the way up to Diamond. Simply stated, these people keep this place running. They provide the funds to pay for the servers, pay for the engineering, improve the products, and keep me from flipping burgers at the local In ‘n’ Out. I have two goals with respect to premium users: (1) keep adding more and more products and features so premium folks get better and better value (2) keep touting the good reasons to join as a member so that we can continue to grow, and grow faster.
  • All regular visitors, both premium and non-premium alike. I did away with advertisements on Slope (as well as the corresponding revenue) to make Slope more appealing and pleasant, and the fact that this ostensibly bearish blog is, in the face of new lifetime highs on stocks, still pushing to record usage levels, is an affirmation of everyone’s support.
  • My engineering talent, which I have looked high and low to find and retain. I’ve been building software products for decades, and there’s nothing more important than intelligent, dedicated, and creative humans behind the keyboard. You would be thrilled to see the list of new products and features we have on the docket, and my boyz make it possible.
  • Finally, the simple fact that “the move” is behind us (that is, the complete change of servers, which felt like moving an entire corporation from Windows to Linux). This was a staggering amount of work that spanned many, many weeks, and there were a lot of rough edges to deal with when it was done. Now that the dust has cleared, I know we can focus on what I love again, which is building new things instead of fighting fires.

The rest of 2019 is going to be very cool here, no matter what the market does. Thanks for being a part of this great community.