Federal Preserves

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With the Fed’s absolutely laughable failure today, I thought it would be appropriate to do a post specifically about this malignant cesspool.

Allow me to present to you the roster of that most sinister of organizations, the Federal Reserve. Click on it so you can read it. The key point is that it has 18,000 employees. Eighteen. Thousand.


Allow me to use myself to make a point. Take my life. (Please!) In it, I have:

  • Written so many books, I honestly don’t know the quantity (I think it’s 25);
  • Written a feature-length screenplay;
  • Built and sold a successful high-tech business;
  • Created the greatest chart platform on the web (ProphetCharts) only to sell it and make an even better one (SlopeCharts);
  • Have something like 20 patents;
  • Built the Slope of Hope into the hippest, coolest destination for traders on the web;
  • Raised a family with awesome children;
  • Done all the cooking;
  • Done all the cleaning;
  • Have fabulous hair;
  • Tended to a plethora of critters at the house;
  • Served as 24/7 Uber driver to my beloved children;
  • And on and on and on………..

And………I am one guy. One. Plus, I consider myself nearly totally inept. How can a total failure like myself achieve this much, and 18,000 people don’t do shit?

What in the holy hell do 18,000 people do for the Federal Fucking Reserve? WHAT DO THEY DO? Besides create new schemes to transfer the wealth of the 99% to the upper 1%. WHAT……….DO……….THEY………….DO?

Every tax dollar you spend is wasted. Every single one. You’re being fleeced for no good purpose. Screw these guys and their evil ways.


Pant pant pant. OK, I’m done. And I just discovered something.

This is Slope’s 25,000th post. Totally by accident, but this is the one. Do I get a cake? I guess not. I’m not sure if this being “the” post should be embarrassing or at least worth a smile. In any case, as anti-climactic as it may seem……………thanks for making it possible for me to be here.