Farewell Ceremony

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I received the following from Dutch’s daughter, who asked me to share it:

Hi Tim,

I would first like to start off by thanking you and the community here on Slope. All of the people who reached out to extend their condolences and lend me support and advice has helped me deal with this difficult time. I am ever grateful and it has had more worth than my Dad’s purported net worth. I don’t care what my Dad has or didn’t have whatever it turns out to be. Having all of you as friends and colleagues made him the richest person in the world.

When i first found you guys it was purely by accident while searching to see where one of my Dad’s email addresses went. Dutch@WeJustTrade.com lead to a posting on Slope about my Dad’s passing. When i clicked on it I never imagined what i would find. You have something really special Tim and I can see why my Dad devoted so much time there. He looked forward to putting SlopeFest together and the past few years it was happiest times for him probably coming in close to it was the birth of my son Jaxson Roy who was there last Grandchild my Dad had.

His ashes were delivered to me on Thursday while i was at work. My mom signed for them and put them in her room and I have not been able to bring myself to go look at the box yet. To think that all that is physically left of the giant of a man fits into a small box. I hope they were able to put the donation of his body to good use.

Anyway i am planning to have a Celebration of Life and Scattering of his Ashes at Sea on Sat. July 18th in Oxnard Ca. I plan to Charter a yacht out of Channel Islands harbor. (For those who are COVID paranoid my county has had the lowest numbers in all of CA).

There are many hotels in the area as well as air BNB’s and it is not too far from L. A. Or even better Burbank airport’s and if you are fancy or own a small plane like my Dad you can fly into the nearby Camarillo airport (no commercial flights).

All who want to are invited to join us give Dutch his final farewell until the comes back to open that string of drive through Churches. If you plan to make it please let me know. I have opened a special email : thehollandlegacy@gmail.com or stay tuned for details posted on www.tributes. Com/thomaslholland

And of course since Tim has so graciously posted everything i have ever asked him to, I will have him post here as well.

I hope to meet all you guys. Just sorry it has been on such sad circumstances. All of you were very special to my Dad and Tim if you are able to make it we would be honored to have you as well. And if you don’t i think Dutch would be offended and then you may see him in your sleep giving you the finger through the peephole lol . (Yeah i have Dutch’s’sense of humor). So please save the date and stay tuned for details. As soon as i firm it all up i will let everyone know.

Thank you Tim. (Of course you may share this entire email. )