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I shall tread lightly, adhering to my inexplicable pledge not to weigh in on politics. I realize for some people that the decision must feel draining, as if an enormous spare tire were shoved onto one’s belly like a millstone in the days of old. One could blubber on and on, but I won’t take a fat chance by saying anything until November 3rd has come and gone. No one wants to see anyone’s fat pasty rump get kicked, amirite?

In any event, as everyone’s favorite permabear, I’m happy there’s some sinkage.


Gold, on the other hand, isn’t getting whacked too badly. It seems to be in the mode of “pulsing” higher, albeit at an annoyingly slow rate.


The most exciting thing is how the small caps are finally breaking below that supporting (well, formerly supporting) trendline.


And with that, Tim Knight, the last bear in America, takes his leave.