Debatable Decisions

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Slope has been the centerpiece of my life for fifteen years now. I pour my passions into it, whatever they may be. It gives me an outlet for expression, creativity, and my own industry. As a business, it gives me the opportunity to provide premium services to those of you who are successful enough (or at least have the desire to be) to pay for high-quality tools and analysis. Evidently, 14.95/month is beyond the reach of some people.

Simply stated, I bust my ass for my premium members, and I cherish each and every one of them. The vast majority of the reason I have stifled my love of political discussion is, frankly, retention. I was gob-smacked to discover that visitors on my site don’t necessarily share my political sensibilities, so I’d rather STFU about it rather than having one of my paying members head for the Exit door. I work too goddamned hard for that to happen. So I’ll self-censor. For now, at least.

Having said that, with the first debate happening tonight, I want to emphasize to everyone that the Ignore button – – which I invented, but other sites have copied – – is at your disposal. If you don’t like what someone is saying, great, click Ignore, and they’re dead to you. Simple as that. Maybe if I type this 500 times, people will understand. Some people simply refuse to comprehend or comply.


So I’ve shut up. You can shut others up. And you can live in any echo chamber you choose and, if you like, hear nothing bad or distressing about this President that some of you are so crazy about. But as sure as hell am not going to lose a single paying member because of this political season. Don’t even look at the Exit sign.

For a bit of comedy on this subject in general………..