Passing Fancies

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Let’s take a fresh look at the past year of candles for some important ETFs:

slopechart DBC
Commodities are still poised for a weak 2001, but it needs to break that horizontal to complete the pattern.
slopechart GLD
Gold has completed a clean right triangle pattern and could easily work its way down to at least the next horizontal lower
slopechart GDX
Commensurate with this, the gold miners would follow the same path (in this instance, down to the red horizontal)
slopechart DIA
Most equity indexes and ETFs resemble this: a topping pattern in late 2019/early 2020, with a similar pattern forming over the past couple of months, which is not yet complete.
slopechart EEM
Emerging markets have the same pattern, which I’ve tinted on the right for clarity
slopechart EFA
The MSCI Eurozone is the same, except that its recent price action is at a lower level, showing a weaker recovery

OK, that’s a good start. I’ve got nine more, but as a thank-you to all my paying members, these are just for you (otherwise, you’ll see the Comments):