We Have a Winner!

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Ya know, that time machine we’re always talking about – – it doesn’t even have to go back that FAR in time. One year is plenty! No one here really wants to romp around with dinosaurs, do they?

Having said that, I have used SlopeMATRIX’s oh-so-cool “Statistics Mode” to reveal some of the biggest YTD winners from various watch lists of mine (you Gold and Diamond members always have directly access to my watch lists, of course). Here are the hotties from my Bull Pen: (need I remind you that you can click any of these images for a larger, easier-to-read version):


My Core List (with Tesla, naturally, way at the top).


My IPO list (check out Blink Charging!)


And, finally, the Secondary list:


Pretty incredible seeing those quadruple-percentage gains, isn’t it?