Get a Handle on the Situation

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As strong as crypto has been lately, I think it is on the cusp of an explosive move higher. My reasoning is a simple one and, me being who I am, it is chart-based. I present you: the cup with handle.


The above is Bitcoin. It has already completed its own pattern quite nicely. Indeed, this is one of the cleanest and best-defined such patterns I’ve witnessed. (You can browse other examples in SocialTrade).

Below is Ethereum, which is sporting the same pattern, although it’s a little shy of its lifetime high, so it hasn’t quite pushed to new highs recently like BTC did.


My view is that the alt-coins I own have gorgeous charts, and if the leaders BTC and ETH can fulfill their cup-with-handle destiny, then these alt-coins I’ve got should be terrific, such as the lovely Curve:

slopechart CRV