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I’ve backed off crypto talk tremendously lately, partly because some folks just seem so adamant that it’s a scam. I kind of understand. I feel equities have been a “scam” since 2008, and I considered anyone buying them to be complicit in the scam. But, understandably, I wasn’t strident in that opinion.

But, jeez, some people really take it hard. And below is a good example of some of the unfiltered crap I have to endure as the proprietor of this site. I did a post about crypto, and this one guy – – a practicing attorney, by the way, whom I thought would have a bit more decorum – – lashed out in the comments section deriding Slope for being a shill for crypto (he used a lot of rough language; it wasn’t a gentle ribbing). I took the extremely unusual step of banning him from comments, and I promptly got this love letter in my email:


So I haven’t spent the past dozen years calling equity buyers nasty names (well, hardly ever) so I don’t think my occasional horn-tooting about crypto is out of line. Particularly since it, ya know, makes money and all.

Having said all that, I want to once again say that I truly like $OMG (the OMG Network) and I own a lot of it. Even during occasional weakness lately, it has been defiant. So………….it’s worth a look (without any nasty emails to me!)

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