Here Comes Santa Claus

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Legend has it that the week after Christmas is made for the bulls, and now that the futures have opened, it seems this may be the case:

Since I have been relieved of driving duty on this very long road trip, I had naively hoped to be very productive and get all kinds of things done. Nope. Trying to use a laptop in a moving vehicle for hours is absolutely nauseating, so I just can’t hack it. The only reason this post is even going up is because we’re charging up the car some. In any case, as we enter the final hour trading days of the year:

  • I have merely 2 positions in my personal account, and the profits in that account have been so good this year I’m going to pretty much just leave well enough alone;
  • I have 25 bearish positions in my big account, with 25% cash, so I’m feeling satisfactorily “light’ in order to mitigate the risk of the Santa Claus Rally.
  • I am spending my time going through a gazillion posts from 2022 to cull out, as I always do, the best of the best for your reading pleasure.

I am looking forward to returning to my beloved Palo Alto tonight and wrapping up this year.