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When you do this as long as I have – – Slope is, after all, nearly 18 years old – – you tend to get a sense as to extremes in psychology. A lot of “signals” have nothing to do with charts. For example, when things have been going fantastic for the bears, then subscriptions here tend to soar, I get a lot of really friendly emails, and, to be honest, I become quite a blowhard.

When things suck for the bears (like, umm, right about NOW) it’s just the opposite. In particular, more and more people start rubbing my face into the market’s ascent and talking about how such-and-such has declared a New Bull Market and this-or-that indicator says we’re going to 7,000 on the S&P in two weeks, and it’s been right every one of its past 587 signals.


By George

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I thought I had heard every George Carlin (our patron saint) piece ever made, but this morning I stumbled upon this beauty. The first 75% is material I had never heard in my life, and the final is an almost-perfected piece that he ultimately did to close one of his specials. What a delight to hear some undiscovered tidbits of this genius!