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Go Long Pink Slips!

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As the owner of a very profitable one-person company, I’m always baffled why a website like Google would need literally hundreds of thousands of employees. I always suspected that a majority – – yes, a majority – – of the payroll at Google, Facebook, Apple, and everywhere else could be fired and no one would notice.

This has played out in real life with Twitter, which has gotten rid of 70% of its people and is INDISTINGUISHABLE from the old Twitter. Ya see, a lot of twenty-somethings basically expect huge salaries in exchange for hanging out at the office and eating, and those days are O-V-E-R. I wondered if I should do a “Day In the Life of Tim Knight” video, but I’m afraid I’d bore all of you to death.

A Diminishing Light (by Xerxes)

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This is a short idea I came across by accident. I was looking at charts and came across this nice high priced but weak and toppy looking chart on both a Monthly and Weekly basis. This company “provides sequencing and array-based solutions for genetic and genomic analysis.” I can’t say much from a fundamental perspective as I am not familiar with the booming genome sequencing business, but all I can say is that trajectory has been down since 2021 and it can’t seem to get off the ground down here in the $200 area.

This has a rather high PE Ratio above 40 (not extreme, but also a bit bloated for the current market environment). Those weak stocks are my favorite to short because resistance just tends to hold so much more easily than trying to time the general market or market leaders.