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Know Your Probabilities (by Andrew Crowder)

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Do you think about probabilities on each and every investment/trade you make? You should.

A football analyst can tell you the probability that a team scores after entering the red zone.
Why? Because these probabilities matter and they are easy to figure out. They simply look at the data that is presented to them.
So, why is it that when I read a research report from a financial analyst they can't just simply tell me the likelihood that a stock will meet their expected price targets?


Squid Pro Quo

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It's been a while since we checked in with the single most hated company on the planet, Goldman Sachs.

Here's a fun fact – – if you had the insight to put your life savings into GS over a decade ago, you would now be wallowing in a return of just about 0.00% for getting in bed with The Squid.

I guess the partners and employees do a lot better with this despicable place than the shareholders do. Here's a percentage chart for you:


The End of Rain

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Well, when the market opened Sunday afternoon, the ES and NQ exploded higher – – – – and that was their high. From then on, it's been a slow erosion.

We must – MUST – break this triangle. Any time this week would be fine, thank you. The sooner, the better.


Incidentally, the magical power of Chocolate Rain has, for me, been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt. I checked – – and I am not making this up – – but the posting of Chocolate Rain marked the exact bottom of the ES within seconds. I will never post that video again in my life. I promise you.