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Bear Sentiment at 6 Year Low (by Springheel Jack)

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I'm going to be posting a lot of bullish charts today, so I'll balance that by leading with a bearish big picture chart. That chart is of the NYA Composite, which is a very broad based index including all stocks listed on NYSE, with the exception of some ETFs etc. On this chart you can see the huge H&S building that I have posted before, and it's also worth noting that NYA has not yet reached the October high, which is very strong resistance as it was also the H&S neckline for the topping H&S last year. A lot of analysts are changing to a bias that a new bull market is in progress but I'm not one of them yet, though I am most definitely weighing the evidence that it might be:


Up, Up and Away? Not If History Has a Say.

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The market rallied hard making it the 9 out of 11 tradings days with positive gains. SPY has made since 4.2% during that time, but over the past month SPY has made a staggering 8.7%. And as expected, now we are seeing sentiment change.

But, I am not completely sold on the rally yet.

Why? Well, other than the overbought to very overbought readings in most of the ETFs I follow and all of the reasons mentioned in my post yesterday, we are also entering into the weakest period of the month of January. Just look at the DIA chart below for percentage of times positive over the next five trading days.

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