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Update on My Favorite Long-Term Short: ODP

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Back in May 2011, I originally posted about shorting Office Depot.  The idea is finding a sector with three competitors, with margin compression, struggling for survival in a crummy economy.

At the time, ODP was at $4.16.  Since then, its only bright spot was during the rising Ctrl+P tide of early 2012; but reality seems to have returned… and as of this writing, the stock sits at $1.63.



Long & Short: ISIS & KRC (by Ryan Mallory)

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So far today it has been relatively quiet for me. I sold out of Canadian Natural Resources (CNQ) at $30.28 from $28.78 for a 5.2% gain and haven't done much else. I'm tempted to add another short position to the portfolio to add some balance to the existing 4 long positions I currently hold. 

In fact I may even buy another long to replace CNQ, and I'm leaning towards ISIS as being that one. 

Here's the Long & Short Trades:

LONG: ISIS Pharmaceuticals (ISIS)

ISIS Pharmaceuticals ISIS

SHORT: Kilroy Reality (KRC)

Kilroy Reality KRC

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Bond Short Update

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TLT remains my only large short position, and it's also just about the only bright spot in my trading day. This is a beautifully-formed head and shoulders pattern, and the retracement to the neckline simply affirms the cleanness of this set-up. I have increased the size of my short, and although I think ZB is ultimately going to tag about 145.25 or so, I'll cover at anywhere close to 146 (note: I am using prices from ZB as a reference point here, even though TLT is the actual position).