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Lazy Trade Long & Short: LXP & KRC (by Ryan Mallory)

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For the first time since Thursday I took a long position – this time in LXP at $9.21 as it is breaking out nicely above longer-term resistance. I've also posted a chart on a very appealing short setup in KRC which has a perfect head and shoulders, downtrend, and bear flag in place. I posted this chart a couple of weeks ago and thought it was pretty good then, this time it makes for an excellent setup. 

Here's today's Lazy Trades:

LONG: Lexington Realty (LXP):

Lexington Realty LXP

SHORT: Kilroy Realty (KRC):

Kilroy Reality KRC-2

Be sure to check out Ryan's blog at

SocialTrade on SharePlanner

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My swiftly-growing SocialTrade web site now has a new friend – – Ryan Mallory's SharePlanner.

Ryan has been a long-time Sloper and contributor here, and he took the plunge a bit deeper by putting a "Stack to SocialTrade" button directly on his site so that his own readers could stack interesting items from Ryan's blog onto ST.


The benefit to Ryan is that as his stuff gets stacked, folks who may have never heard about SharePlanner will discover it by way of the stacked items in SocialTrade. If any of you out there have blogs or other web sites and would like this button (which takes upward of 5 seconds to install), drop me a line.

Unfathomable, but Someday………

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I'll begin with my usual Apple-exclusive caveats………I worked there for years……… I bought my first Mac in early 1984……… I bought the iPhone on its release date……… as well as the iPad…….. Steve Jobs is my lifelong hero, long before most of you ding-dongs even knew who he was…….and so on.

Having said all that, take a moment to look at this chart:


I have been quite vocal with a target of $735 (plus or minus a few bucks — unless it falters, in which case I will be jumping with joy), which for a permabear like me, shows how strong I feel about this company's momentum.


One day – – maybe in a month, a year, a few years – God knows – – – Apple is going to make the first in a series of stumbles. I cannot conjure what kind of epic screw-up Apple would have to make in order to surrender its firm grasp over Earth, but there is no such thing as a company that thrives and dominates until the end of time.

If you had told anyone in 1997 that Apple would be the largest and most respected (and feared) company on the entire planet, you would have been prosecuted for murder since people would have died laughing.

Likewise, today, if anyone were to suggest that there will come a day that Apple will be seen as long past its prime – – perhaps even a fallen great – – you would like equally mocked. It seems completely ridiculous.

I say again, I have no earthly idea what kind of series of mistakes Apple could possibly make to lose its way. At this point, only if every iPhone manufactured were found to explode unexpectedly and fatally, there's no way Apple is going to lose its place on the pedestal.

But it'll happen. Someday. It'll be interesting to see when and why.