Riddle Me This? (by Bob Kudla)

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A couple of weeks ago I posted that the Fed ran out of suckers and conduits to keep the equity markets rising higher.  Last week we saw our first pullback, as oil, gasoline, Natural gas, the Yen, volatility, bonds and the precious metals were all squeezed or rotated out of to try and creating, the all is good, wealth creating, perpetual motion machine, capital gain generating, equity market.

The boyz ran out of runway, and had to throttle back for another try. 

So, what are they going to target now that they capped the PM's?  My answer is a full on assault on the energy complex. Like the gold and silver market, paper dominates the oil markets, by a 10 to 1 factor, all traded heavily by the true owners of our country, the banks. Last week, we saw the first grenade thrown into the yard, and I expect a full on assault on energy, to allow the Fed to keep on printing, as it must, and to try and keep oil from destroying the economy, and their way of life.

The sequestration drama simply serves to allow the Fed to blame that action on commodities falling, and not on their next set up.

The good news is we now have solid markers where the Fed mus relent.  Please see my charts below.